Invest in
your child’s future

Profit From a

Invest in your child’s future

Profit From a
UNIQUE Methodology

Why Helen Doron​

We teach English as a foreign language as naturally as children learn their mother tongue. Academic studies back our unique methodology with proven global success since 1985.

Values We Live By


Since 1985, Helen Doron English has taught over three million children to speak English as a second mother tongue.

We are experts in teaching children the best way they learn. We have programmes for each age and level, and our method considers developmental milestones and different learning styles. Using stories, songs, rhymes, and movement to stimulate all the senses, we create a memorable and enriching learning experience.


Our values are embedded into all of our programmes, materials, lessons, and the educational approach we provide.

Far beyond teaching English, the courses teach essential values and skills, life lessons, and how to become contributing world citizens. The children naturally absorb these values through characters and stories they come to love and identify with.


Our passionate and dedicated teachers are qualified and mentored for the gold standard in teaching the Helen Doron unique methodology.

They support your child’s learning process every step of the way, encouraging them to fulfil their potential, build their self-esteem and be the very best they can be!


Our lessons are entertaining, so children don’t even feel like they’re in class.

Using props, songs, dance, and games to teach children English in a natural and fun way, learning become joyful and natural.

Learning continues at home with extensive materials, so that English becomes part of their daily lives.

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©2023 Copyright Helen Doron Group Ltd | All rights reserved.